Grey Literature and Policy Development: The Pisa Declaration
(A meeting of the minds to broker the future of grey resources)
GreyForum 3.1  - Pisa, 7 April 2014

CNR, Building 1, Room 27

ABSTRACTS & BIONOTES (first session)


Registration, Coffee Service



Welcome by F. Rabitti (Head of NeMIS Lab, ISTI-CNR Pisa, Italy)

Chair, Herbert Gruttemeier, Inist-CNRS, France












Open Access to Nuclear Information”, Dobrica Savić, (NIS-IAEA, Austria)

RIF-CS and CERIF Alignment Study: All that and a Service Registry”, Emma Tonkin, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Providing access to research data, publications and current research information at DANS”, Peter Doorn, DANS, Netherlands

"Open Standards, the Cloud, and GL”, Panagiotis Stathopoulos, EKT, Greece


"Academic Community: Attitude towards Open Science, Social Context of the Science System Transformation in Poland", Maciej Ostaszewski, OPI, Poland

"The Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe: OpenAIRE", Donatella Castelli, ISTI-CNR, Italy






Participant Showcase

"Understanding the evidence base: grey literature in policy and practice", Amanda Lawrence, Swinburne University, Australia (video presentation)


"OpenGrey Repository”, Christiane Stock, Inist-CNRS, France

"GreyGuide Forum and Repository", Stefania Biagioni, ISTI-CNR, Italy; Dominic Farace, GreyNet International

Grey Literature as a part of eBooks on Demand project”, Petra Pejsova, National Library of Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

Open Access to Grey Literature: The  PUMA Service”, Silvia Giannini; Stefania Biagioni, ISTI, CNR, Italy

"OpenAIRE guidelines for Repositories: PUMA's use-case", P. Manghi, ISTI-CNR, Pisa Italy

Access and citation through identifiers: DataCite at the service of grey literature”, Herbert Gruttemeier, INIST-CNRS, France

"Grey literature collections in the field of public health, produced by the National Institute of Health, online available since the year 2000". Paola De Castro, ISS, Rome Italy

GreyNet - Inspired by its mission, innovative in serving the Grey Literature Community”, Dominic Farace, GreyNet International



Coffee Service



Draft Pisa Declaration
Statement of intent” formulated and signed by the participants demonstrating their support of policy development in and for grey literature




Farewell, Reception

Organized by GreyNet’s Resource Policy Committee (Inist-CNRS, ISTI-CNR, OpenAIRE, GreyNet International)
Hosted by CNR-Pisa, Italy on 7 April 2014

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